Needle Leaf Knits is a collective body of work by Sachiko and Kiyomi Burgin, twin sisters from Toronto, Canada who work individually and together to create distinct and original knitwear and patterns for hand knitting. Although they may look similar in appearance, their differences in personality and aesthetic are evident in their work.


Sachiko attended OCADU and studied metalsmithing and jewelry design, and despite it being a tangibly different material then wool, she uses the knowledge she obtained to work out how forms work and function on the body. Working with shape and texture, she enjoys experimenting with different forms of construction. When she finds the time Sachiko also enjoys machine knitting, bench jewelry making, studying Japanese language, and natural dyeing. Her work has been published in sources such as Laine, Knitscene, Pom Pom Quarterly, Crochetscene, Knit.Purl, among others.

Sachiko’s patterns can be purchased through Ravelry, or, and you can see her jewelry work here.

Half Japanese woman wearing a hand knit sweater sitting in the grass.


Kiyomi studied illustration at OCADU and translates the skills she acquired into colour work and pattern in her knitting. Working with classic shapes and silhouettes, she enjoys using simple construction in her work, and creates seamed and seamless garments. In her spare time she enjoys doing many other fibre crafts such as weaving, sewing, and natural dyeing. She recently has become very interested in the science behind cold-process soap making, and has begun learning Japanese, something she has always wished she knew. Her work has been showcased in knitting publications such as Pom Pom Quarterly, Knitscene, and others.

View and purchase Kiyomi’s knitting patterns through Ravelry, or

half Japanese woman in an Icelandic sweater, sitting on a wooden bench by a house.